Business Plan Template

There are many reasons why a business plan should be written, including to help co-ordinate the efforts of a management team, in support of an application for working capital facilities, or in seeking investment. These reasons are not mutually exclusive and in many cases the preparation of a plan is carried out, and funding sought, as a business goes through a growth or development phase.

There are many business plan templates and guides available on the internet and through business advisers, and whilst there is no definitive correct version, the layout and headings proposed in the versions which are available for free from this website, are in a format which is generally acceptable to prospective lenders or investors.

Having a completed business should be considered in a number of circumstances, including:

– If you are looking for funding.

– If you are looking to sell all or part of your business.

– If you are looking to plan for the coming months and years, creating forecasts.

– If your business has got into trouble and you are looking to come out of the other side.

So for all of these reasons, and a whole host more, take action today:

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